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A2P Text Message Registration

 In order to send marketing text messages, It is required by law to register your business identity.  This builds trust with the messaging platforms and helps keep our text messages out of the spam folder when we text a new lead..


(We will do this part for you once we have the information below)

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Access To Google Ads Account

Step 1:

 Create a Google Ads If You Do Not already have one

 (If you already have one, skip step 1)

Step 2:

Find Your Google Ads ID

Step 3:

Submit your google ads account ID below.

Step 4: 

 The last step is to watch for an email and accept the request when it comes through.  

(This can take up to a couple of hours before it comes through.) 

The Email Will Look Like this example below:

How to Get or Grant Access to a Google Ads Account


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